SPECIAL Services

By Land Transport

Super Speed Logistic has at least 10 container tractors and cooperation with large cariers, so we can provide land transport services along the country. Our company also provides cross-bolder transport to near country: China, Laos, Combodia,...
Super Speed Logistic has many experiences in transport sector. We would like to offer best services to satisfy our customers. In addition, the company will towards standars of International Organization for Standardizations for our development in the national market.
The strength in land transport service as below:

    Container tractor's quantity is at least 10 and maximum gross weight is 35tons/container. Therefore we will delivery goods well
    Trucking team: all trucker have driver's license (class FC) and many experiences. They are professional and enthusiatic drivers.
    Trucking operation team: we are on the track of goods delivery by GPS system. So our customers can feel safe

Seaway Transport

Super Speed Logistics provides seaway freight services by seaway transport, airway transport or multi-modal transport. Customers totally trust the high quality of effective solutions and competitive prices at any port.
We have services on international lines which all concentrate to connect to ports in Hai Phong: New Port, Dinh Vu port, Greenport, Chua Ve Port, 128 New Port, Nam Hai Port, etc.; In Ho Chi Minh City: New Port, Cat Lai, Khanh Hoi, VICT, etc.; in Qui Nhon: Qui Nhon port; in Da Nang: Tien Sa port
We provide services which include:

    Approaching services of the best Carriers within the (Vietnam?) area and all over the world
    Competitive prices and policies for ocean freight through contracts with Carriers
    Transport ability can meet the requirements of customers
    Updating, following and controlling cargo during the transport procedure


Container yard

Super Speed Logistic associates with parts of container yard to meet customer's demand. Terminal area is over 1000 m2.

Customs services

Customs declaration service, commercial documentation service, cargo insurance, inspection, quarantine, etc.
Paying tax and tax refund
Customs procedures at border gates
Services of electronic customs and one-door customs clearance which are ensured about time and cost minimization.

Airway Transport

Super Speed Logistics provides freight services by air, ensuring the criteria of time with competitive prices. Customers can be completely satisfied with our devotion to delayed shipments which need to be urgently transferred. We offer services on international flights which concentrate to Tan Son Nhat Airport (HCM), Noi Bai Airport (HN) and Da Nang Airport (DN)
We provide:

    Effective transport services with competitive prices and appropriate time.
    Transport ability on main routes can be ensured to reach the needs of customers.

Multimodal Transport

Multimodal transport (also known as combined transport) is the transportation of goods under single contract and the carrier of goods by least two different modes of transport from a place is one country at which the goods are taken in charge to a place designated for delivery situated in a different country. It is performed by serveral different modes of transport. Such as: seaway transport-airway transport, airway transport-rail transport,...
It is not only quick but also save money.
Super Speed Logistic has a global agency network in over 70 countries. Therefore, we have the ability to meet the door-to-door transport demand via combined transport. And our company offers complete door – to – door supply chain services, guarantees the condition of cargoes as delivered to the customers. Also, we are confident to provide you the best services and to make you satisfied.